Lets make a change!

Good afternoon!

Reading back through my few posts, I sound like a moody teenager! Let me tell you, that isn’t the case at all! Ed Sheeran once said in an interview that someone once observed that most of his songs sound depressing, and he replied that of course they were, because when he was happy, he was out enjoying life, and when he wasn’t so happy, he would sit and reflect whilst writing music. This is a similar thing, when I’m happy, I’m generally busy with friends or my partner, or playing Trivial Persuit or Monopoly, wrapping Christmas presents or baking.
When I’m not so happy, I sit on my laptop and brood, hence the miserable blog posts!
This isn’t a true reflection of me as a person, and so here’s to people seeing the new me!

Yesterday, I spend the morning baking yummy banana and chai seed bread, drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate syrup! ❤ Yes please! My evening was spent wrapping the first of my Christmas pressies, something I will elaborate on in my next post!

Today, I have applied for another job, and I’m preparing for an online interview I have tomorrow, very nervous about it as I’ve been out of work for over a year and I’m terribly inexperienced when it comes to interviews, so wish me luck! 😀 

Claire x


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