Where am I at?

So, I got unproductively obsessed with Pretty Little Liars during December (Hello Netflix!), so everything got put off whilst I spent every possible moment watching all 6 seasons! But that’s done with now, until season 6 starts again soon! 😀
I’ve started my job applications again! I was applying to a couple a week beforehand, and went to a few interviews but they were mostly sales, and that’s not really a career I want to get into. I’d love a  geeky science-based job in a lab, or something similar…science is the most fascinating area ever ❤ I just feel that I want to learn everything about everything! I want to absorb every little bit of knowledge about the universe, and my memory is shocking so I fail! 😦

Things with my Dad are difficult…I thought we were all okay, plodding on as you do, but he’s started telling mum that I’m hitting him 😐 You can’t possibly have any idea how that feels unless you’ve been in those shoes. To sacrifice everything; the hope of getting a graduate job, the chances of moving out, the possibility of having children, everything, to care for someone who then tells lies that you’re hurting them…it’s sickening. It’s the most upsetting and infuriating feeling, that everything I do is worth nothing in his eyes… My mum knows I haven’t been, he’s even told her I’ve hit him whilst she’s been sat in the next room, and I have no idea why he would ever think of doing that.
Last night he told her that I hated him, that I’d screamed and shouted in his face, and told him that I’d told him I hated him. The reason? I tell tales apparently: Mum comes home and asks how Dad has been during the day, so I tell her. But apparently I run out to the car to meet her and spill the beans on every single thing he’s said or done all day -.-

Why do I bother?


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