Am I getting it wrong?

I feel lost, betrayed and a bit pathetic to be honest. 

I took a sneaky look at his phone again last night (I know, I shouldn’t be doing), and there’s photos being exchanged, him telling her how hot she is, that he enjoyed spending time with her half naked…so I think its pretty clear that emotionally, he’s cheated. 

A quote that’s always stuck with me is along the lines of “If you fall in love with two people, always choose the second, because if you truly loved the first, you’d never have fallen again”- Bob Marley. I always thought that was a really clever way to look at it, but now it’s heartwrenching. 

I have no idea how to approach this subject now with him though…I’ve tried the whole “maybe it’s not meant to work out”, “If you have feelings for someone else I’d rather you just be honest about it” and he’s just denied it each time. Do I just come straight out with it? That I’ve seen the pictures and the conversation? That implies that I don’t trust him, which I did until last night when I saw these bits.  

I feel pathetic that I don’t have the balls to simply end things and put myself first for once. It could either be great, in that he’ll realise what a good thing he’s lost, or the worse thing imaginable and he’ll get together with her and settle down, and I’ll never find a man like him ♡ 

I don’t know…


2 thoughts on “Am I getting it wrong?

  1. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog while searching tags. I’m so sorry to hear this this must be unimaginably difficult and places you in a need to make a painful decision one way or the other. If I were in your situation I would confront him about it and tell him you saw the messages and pictures because in that case there’s no denying it. You shouldn’t feel pathetic if you’re having a hard time just ending things. I mean this is someone you probably love a lot. A long discussion would likely be good idea if possible. And if you decided to stay and forgive the person you love for doing this then that wouldn’t be pathetic either. People make mistakes and even if they truly do love that one person, sometimes temptation and physical attraction can make them slip…I think it’s okay to stay if you choose to. But make him realize that you take this very seriously and you would leave if it ever happened again.
    Also, interesting quote by Bob Marley because despite being a serial adulterer he continued to be married to his wife throughout the whole thing.

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